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The Courtroom Lobby

An Open Ace Attorney RP Area

The Courtroom Lobby - An Open Ace Attorney RP Area
Posting Access:
All Members
A testing-grounds area for Ace Attorney roleplayers to find partners and try out ideas!
Welcome to the Courtroom Lobby, a casual Ace Attorney roleplaying area!

How to Play
  • Create a scene by making a new post. In the post, please specify:

  • Event: (i.e. DL-6 Reenactment, Pie Eating Contest, etc.)
    Era: (i.e. February 21st 2015, Apollo Justice Era, Case 1-4, etc.)
    Characters Permitted: (i.e. Open to All, Open to Franziska and Edgeworth, Open to [Specific Franziska player] and [Specific Edgeworth Player Only]. Feel free to modify this whenever appropriate.)

  • Check out and join in other peoples' scenes! Get approval before jumping into a currently ongoing thread, or start a new thread/conversation in the same event!

  • Follow the How to Play rules listed above.

  • All Ace Attorney characters are permitted in here. You can be a part of other RP communities and play in this one as well. The canonical-ness of any scene in regards to your character is to be determined by you.

  • No OCs save for those granted permission by a mod, who is generally going to refuse OCs. Control of minor characters in individual scenes (i.e. a waiter in a restaurant, a bailiff in a courthouse scene) is permitted in the posts of actual characters.

  • Violence, including murder, is permitted so long as individuals involved agree. Ditto for sexual content.

  • Adult content should be locked to the community.

  • General rules of courtesy and RPing apply. (aka Don't Be An Ass)